Welcome to Photo Workshops Portugal

In 1995, we at WS8A, launched with a assignment to teach people how to get the most out of their cameras from inspiring and knowledgeable pro instructors.
Our photo workshops offer a series of photogenic possibilities for students to explore landscapes, seascapes, exotic interiors, architecture, portraiture, fashion, nude photography and everything in between.
Today, there are over 10 English spoken workshops, lead by more than five pro instructors offering a rich variety of options to everybody that is living or passing by Lisbon.

So, it’s your time to learn photography. Now.

One to one (individual photographic learning)

Either as a beginner, an experimented amateur or even a professional, at WS8A you can find the kind of help you need.
Have you bought a camera and still don’t know how to fully take advantage of?
Don’t have the time to wait for the formation of a group class?
You schedule is not compatible with the announced dates?

If you enroll to a One to One workshop you can begin when you want to, since you create your own schedule.

Stroll in Lisbon while learning photography

Our pro instructors will take you to discover Lisbon, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

The historical neighborhoods of central Lisbon are perfect for visitors to the Portuguese capital to experience for themselves. Their culture, the history, the architecture and the people are fundamental aspects of Lisbon’s identity, and those who explore them will discover their own personal map. There are so many possibilities, don’t let them get away.

So contact us for a personalized photo-tour. 

We supply photographic tours taught in English, French and Spanish.